Werdegang Daniel Renner

- born 13.07.1973, forst/lausitz germany
- 1980 - 1990 school in limbach-oberfrohna
- 1990 - 1992 education engineer for industrial elektronics
- 1992 - 1995 employee at bsk-engineering, graphic artist for documentation for industry
- since february 1995 freelancer (independend)
- sphere of activity: 3d-modeling, animation, morphing, lighting, scene setup, hdr, 2d-graphics, rendering / networkrendering, content-management, teaching, photography
- capabilities: autodidaktic (fast learning of new computer programs); fit's well in teams; works good under pressure; flexible; leading qualities (leadmodeling)
- hobbies: inline skating, swimming, mountainbike, dragonball, collecting old computers, history of computer games
- www.dbki.de / www.industry-graphics.de / www.realtexture.de

I started my work as a graphic artist for documentation immediatelly after my 'ahed of schedule' completion of my apprenticeship as a elektronik engineer for industry. I was an employee at B-S-K Engineering and my job was to create illustrations and graphics for documentations for AEG Berlin.
Alspa anschluss.jpg kern.jpg

1994, i cancelled my employment and started as a freelancer, i started to work on several projects for property agency services. Some of my first jobs were the visualisation of buildings and real estates for advertising purposes like prints, newspapers, webpages and videos.

due the fact that i was always interested in computer and elektroniks and that i'm a engineer for elektronik i came in contact with Firma Systeme Lauer in Unterensingen. my new job was the external support for customers and i had to explain the functions and tools to create projects for pc aided production progresses. one part of this job was the design of graphical user interfaces. unfortunately, after 2 years, the relationship was canceled due internal structure changings. so i was forced to look for new business. during this time i've used my spare time to work with 3d applications and i began to work as full time 3d artist.

one of my first projects in this area was the design of CD covers for "Maz Sound Tools".
link: maz-sound-tools
micro_quad.jpg robotcover02.jpg robotcover01.jpg

for my 3d projects i was always in need of textures and photos and this was one reason to work as photographer for industry as well. to handle the huge amount of photos it is a good solution to use digital cameras for industry and product photos. this pictures were used in a manual for a machine for the production of fabric.
CRW_7999_300bw_nik.jpg CRW_9887.jpg

beside my job as photographer for industry i started the project 'realtexture'. the main goal is to offer collections of photorealistical textures for the usage in 3d productions and other graphic related projects. this includes the post work on photos to get seamless textures with bump, material and clip maps. but also hdri and background images are a main part of realtexture. with the help of 2 coworkers, this project is still running.
cover_materials3_middle.jpg cover_hdri2_middle.jpg cover_impressions1_middle.jpg

since one of my major interests in my spare time is the history and the techniques of games i started to work on some 'fun'-projects. for example, i created several low-poly models for quake conversion and a complete building including this computer room for a software demo. the goal for this room was to build everything within a 600 polycount.
office.jpg office.jpg
brolly trunks

to publish my capabilities i've created contributions for competions (Mekka Symposium, Dialogos, the party, animago). these scene parties are gatherings of artists in music, graphic and programming. since the amount of work was too much for one person some of those projects were done with the help of a team.
final abalone.jpg chessboard

this well known episode opener was recreated completely in 3d. this animation won the first place at the 'Wild Compo' at 'Mekka Symposium'.
take07_0143_mb.jpg take09_0057_mb.jpg Take09_0132_mb.jpg
take12a_057_mb.jpg take12b_161.jpg take14_025_mb.jpg

at the beginning of 2002 i did some low-poly spaceships for the game 'Earth Squad' (Fakt-Software GmbH)
link: fakt-software     link: kellas
soldier.jpg kamikaze.jpg big.jpg

After this project i was working for 5 months in Grenoble/Frankreich for Galilea, a game company. i was in charge of creating complete 3D-sets for the adventure game 'Cameron Files - Pharaohs Curse' (published by Dreamcatcher/Adventure Company Canada)
link: pharaohs curse - adventure company     link: galilea
boat.jpg desert.jpg room_cameron.jpg

chistmas time is always a great happening in germany and this was the reason for my idea of a christmas game. i asked 'Fakt-Software' if they want to do the programming part. i created all the models and my coworker was working on textures and renderings. the game was released as an advertising project and it was a success.
link: Das Weihnachtsmannspiel
poster04.jpg screen2.jpg complete.jpg

februar and march of 2003, i was working as a 3d modeller for low poly objects for the game 'Crazy Machines' by Fakt-Software GmbH (published by Peppergames Germany). we created over 50 different parts and machines, most of them animated for a puzzle game like 'incredible machines'.
link: fakt-software     link: peppergames
CM_PrevScreen01.jpg CM_PrevScreen02.jpg CM_PrevScreen03.jpg

in summer 2003 i travelled to france again. my job for Galilea was not only modeling of 3d objects. i was also involved into level design and production techniques. so i developed several techniques for complex and realistical lighting methods. i was working for 6 months on this project. (coproduction Wanadoo/Adventure Company, publisher Dreamcatcher)
link: jack the ripper - adventure company     link: galilea
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during this time i was working on a 'fun' project in my spare time. i've created a trailer for the game 'Spacetanks' (Peppergames Germany) with full pal resolution and a length of nearly 3 minutes.
link: spacetanks     link: peppergames
spacetanks spacetanks spacetanks

december 2003, christmas time again. Fakt-Software converted the 'Weihnachtsmannspiel' for several mobile phones and with a face lift and enhanced features the game was rereleased as 'xmas chaos deluxe'. the german content provider for mobile phones 'Jamba' published the game for several cellphone network provider.
link: xmas chaos deluxe     link: xmas chaos at jamba.de
xmas chaos deluxe xmas chaos deluxe xmas chaos mobil