here some concept graphics and their way into the final game
concept house open gl house rendered house
as a matter of time we desided not to put too much details to the houses and the enviroment. so we spent more effort to the overall style without stressing the deadline.
concept santa open gl santa rendered santa
one idea to avoid stupid looking walkcycles was to use skis but then we thought it is more funny to have this fast fluttering feeds.
concept sleigh open gl sleigh rendered sleigh
if you plan to make a game where santa is goint to deliver presents without the help of his sleigh you'll need a story why is he doing this in this unusually manner. so we had the idea that the wwf has released the reindeers and santa has no power for his sleigh, so he stitched the rockets and his ultra cool snowboard on his sleigh and started to flight. but unfortunatelly, it doesn't work very well and he lost control over his vehicle.
concept street open gl street rendered street
since the resolution of the final game is only 640x480 we had the problem to scale everything to a size where we can handle all the graphics without loosing details. so the final version contains a 4 times larger layer than you can see at once at the screen.
concept screen open gl street final screen
the menu screen. since we kicked the big font because of his file size we were forced to create the menu with graphics. so it wasn't hard to imagine what we should use for this ;-)
additional stuff colorfull glass sphere gifts
next thing, we had to create a little bit more gameplay than just delivering some colorfull presents. but it was also a point on our list that the game has to be as easy as possible. so we added some additional features like compo bonus and the nice colorfull spheres. one of the last enhancement was this funny looking camouflage gift. unfortunately, no bear was included in the game. but the santa has a little one in his rucksack.

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